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Telescope for Kids 90x Magnification National Geographic Telescope Lightweight

Telescope for Kids 90x Magnification National Geographic Telescope Lightweight

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  • EDUCATIONAL LUNAR TELESCOPE FOR KIDS: OptikVis is an educational and fun way for children to explore their astronomical dreams. This telescope is lightweight, easy to use and is perfect for kids to skywatch and learn about the astronomical sciences in a fun way.
  • 90X MAGNIFICATION KIDS TELESCOPE: The telescope has a maximum magnification by about 90X times. It is a powerful telescope for astronomy as well as viewing daily animals and birds in the sky. The telescope comes with a 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece that enhances the magnification.
  • PORTABLE MINI TELESCOPE: OptikVis is a lightweight and portable kids educational telescope designed to be travel friendly. It weighs less than 1 kilogram and is a perfect travel telescope for kids as well as adults. Apt for wildlife watching or even birdwatching from your lawn.
  • ASTRONOMICAL AND TERRESTRIAL KIDS TELESCOPE: This kids educational telescope is perfect for astronomical gazing as well as viewing terrestrial wildlife, birds, monuments and others. It can be used as the perfect educational and recreational science kit.
  • ALTITUDE-AZIMUTH MOUNTING KIDS ASTRONOMY TELESCOPE: The telescope is equipped with an altitude-azimuth mounting (N), i.e., it can be moved vertically (altitude) and horizontally (azimuth). This technology in the telescope also makes for great children’s gifts.

Product Description:

This is the ideal educational and fun telescope for your child. This portable, high-quality telescope will be a gateway for your child to learn and marvel about Nature and the Universe.

Package included:

1 x Telescope

1 x Aluminum tripod

1 x H20mm eyepiece

1 x H6mm eyepiece

1 x 1.5X Erecting eyepiece

1 x Instruction manual

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