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Smart Weighted Hula Hoop, Hula Hoop for Excercise No Fall 360 Degrees 24 Detachable Knots Adjustable for Adults

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  • ⭕⭕【Fitness And Massage】 When the hula hoop rapid rotation, the massage floating point will deeply massage your subcutaneous tissue, which can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue. Especially for mothers with bloated waist after birth, or who sit in an office for a long time and lack exercise, it is very practical.
  • ⭕⭕【Removable Design】The Smart hula hoop consists of 24 Knots, which can be assembled and disassembled with just push of the button. The Soft Hula Hoop can be adjusted to 15 to 24 sections according to your need. These parts are easy to install and remove, and easy to store. The upper limit is 132cm / 51.96 inches, with Magnet Buckle, the size can be adjusted at any time.
  • ⭕⭕【Easy To Use】 The Smart Hula Hoop is simple and easy to use. Compared with the traditional hula hoop, the smart hula hoop will not drop, solving the problem that beginners will not use. The Smart and Soft hula hoop have a massage function, 30 minutes a day, can reduce labor pain in the waist, accelerate abdominal fat burning, and exercise out a charming waist curve.
  • ⭕⭕【Suitable For Any People】 The Hula hoop suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals. For people of different body types, you can adjust the number of knots to suit your waistline. The hula hoop is the easiest and most fun exercise. Adults, Children, Obese People, Poor physical fitness, need to Keep Slim Aerobics, or Dance Team Members, are very practical. Burn fat, make the waist slim, Help Adults Weight Loss, and get the most relaxing effect.
  • ⭕⭕【Easy Disassemble & Assemble】It can be disassembled by pressing out the button and can be assembled by snapping into the button. With a 0.9bl soft gravity ball, the total weight is 3.7bl, so take it to travel will easily;

A healthy life starts with abdominal exercise! 7 reasons to tell you why you should choose this smart hula hoop.

1. The smart hula hoop can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue, especially for people who have been sitting at home or in the office for a long time.

2. The Soft hula hoop  360 angle massage lets you feel relax, Massage the abdomen to promote digestion and excretion, will have a good effect of weight loss

3. Compared with the traditional ones, the smart hula hoop will not drop, which solves the problem that beginners will not use.  Has massage function to relieve labor pain in the waist.

4. Hula hoop made of  ABS has 24 sections, upper limits132cm/ 51.96in, size can be adjusted at any time. But the traditional hula hoop can't do.

5. The band of ball length 31cm, you can adjust its length by your need.

6. The gravity ball containing iron sand, weighs about 0.9 lbs, the weight very fine for most people.

7. This Hula Hoop can be used as resistance training, fitness equipment, fitness body, health massage products.

Precautions for use:

1. It should not be used within 1 hour before and after meals;

2. Exercise frequency: 4~6 times a week, 2~3 groups each time, each group 20~30 minutes, rest between groups 20~30 minutes.

3. Women avoid exercise during pregnancy and menstruation

4. Children and the elder use with caution; With lumbar spine hyperplasia and lumbar disc herniation are forbidden to use. Hypertension and heart disease people should not use it.

💕Buyers note:

1. The package contains a total of 24 components. The product is not in an assembled state and needs you to assemble it by yourself.

2. Please make sure your waist is within the upper limit before buying

🚚Package including:

1 x Hula Hoop (24 sections)