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Little Cat Scooper Stainless Steel All Metal Scoop for Cats Dogs

Little Cat Scooper Stainless Steel All Metal Scoop for Cats Dogs

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Solid metal


13.2 x 6.1 x 2.3in

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  • 👍 【THE MOST EFFICIENT METAL SCOOP FOR CAT LITTER】Large size, deep shovel (2.3"), high mesh density and small blocking force, effortlessly hold more cat litter in one time. NO SIFTING and smooth ROUND wires, make it stick less, clean easier and dry faster than its competitors.
  • 👍 【SAVE AND SAFE---PEFECT MESH SPACING】Compared to competitors, this cat scooper METAL has large mesh density, compared to its similar competitors, our metal cat litter scooper has 2 more bars(wires). This cat litter scooper metal is more suitable for various kinds of cat litters. It does not waste clean cat litter and is safe to use. Time saving, less odor/dust inhalation, enjoy your life with lovely cat!
  • 👍 【STICK LESS AND CLEAN EASIER 】High mesh density, small blocking force, smooth round wires, no shaking and shaking and stick less, flushable and dry quickly.
  • 👍 【 NO ANY ALUMINIUM AND PLASTIC MATERIAL---DURABLE AND PRACTICAL】100% steel material, high material fatigue strength, no coating added, free worry of coating falling, handle loosing, breaking/falling off, bending, odor absorption, not cleanable, or scratching and gloss losing.
  • 👍 【 QUALITY GUARANTEED ON THIS METAL CAT LITTER SCOOPER WITH HOLDER 】We believe in our products, and we take customer satisfaction as our top priority. For any reason you are not satisfied with this cat litter scoop within one month, just contact us directly for a replacement or refund. We want you to love our cat metal scoop as much as we do!


💖 Solid metal sifter that won't break crack or bend : Our solution is all metal.

💖 Sifter with deep shovel: Our is Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop with a size of 13.2 x6.1x2.3in

💖 Easy to clean cat litter scoop: Ours is made of round steel bars, they have less direct contact surface and they are smooth, even we can’t say it is a Non-Stick cat litter scooper, but at least they are less sticky. For the more, this item is totally flushable and dry very fast without odor absorption.

💖 Cat litter scoop with solid handle that won't bend, break, come off or snap off: Ours is integral and all metal.

💖 Cat letter scoop that easy to find when use: We provide you 2 free hanging hooks for you to fix its position.

💖 Cat litter scoop with perfect sifter spacing that only allows clean litter to pass through: Yes, it is with 2 built in "secret" recipes--- Large sieve holes density and smooth round bars!)

Package Include:

1 * Little Scooper Stainless Steel

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