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Bike Alarm Lock Brake Lock Motorcycle

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  • Motorcycle Theft Prevention: With built-in sensors detecting shocks and movements, the  anti-theft disk lock will keep your motorcycle safe, protected and theft-free as the audible alarm system will scare away suspects if they attempt it! According to NCIB 44,268 motorcycles were reported stolen last year, it's time to add additional security to your investment and prevent motorcycle theft from happening to you.
  • Audible Alarm Deterrent: Easy to lock with one-press operation, immediately the lock goes into alarm mode and you'll hear a “Beep” sound. When detects a vibration, it has a warning triple "Beep" to let potential theives know its armed. Then if it's triggered again the alarm gives off a continuous shrill alarm for about 30 seconds, the 100dB is loud enough for anyone to notice. To shut off the alarm you will either have to unlock it or wait 30 seconds.
  • For Rotors 7mm Thick or Less: Fits the majority of the motorcycles and bikes with disc brakes, where the brake rotor is less than 7mm (1/4") thick and cross drilled. Ideal active security device for most popular models: Harley Davidson, Yamaha FJR / Raptor 700, 2017 Honda Grom, 2017 Kawasaki Z125 / Kawasaki Ninja 250r 500r 650 2017 2012, 2016 Indian Scout Sixty, Triumph Bonneville Streetsmat, Victory CrossCountry, Honda shadow spirit, etc.
  • Having Peace of Mind: The bright red color and orange reminder cable can act as a decent visual deterrent for those potential thieves. Can give you ease of mind leaving your bike or motorcycle outside in a populated city, in the parking lot at work, during motorcycle ride, trips, or motel travels. Besides, we back your purchase with 3-month money back guarantee and extended 24-month product no-worry warranty!
  • Long Term Use: The motorcycle wheel lock with siren has an alloy aluminum body, sealed against moisture, dust and dirt. It comes with battery already installed and an extra 6pcs set for when those run out. You can use the Allen key to change the batteries in seconds, or just to remove the batteries and use without alarm as a conventional lock.

Motorcycle Lock With Alarm

Robust built to lock the motorcycle or motorbike wheel, and the 110dB audible alarm is loud enough to scare anyone who attempts to steal your motorcycle or bike, making him feel like there's a spot light on them. It's a must-have for motorcycle trips, motel stays, parking outside in a public parking spot, or if you have the need to lock up your kid's bike until they get the homework done.

Deterrent Both Audibly And Visually

Red brake disc alarm along with the orange reminder cable itself is a great deterrent, letting the suspects know that it's armed. 110db alarm sound is loud enough to draw attention and deter any 'touchy' suspect, offering you the added ease of mind that your motorcycle is safe.

Battery Replacement

It's time to change the battery when you hear a continuous 'GE ' sounds, or the alarm suddenly stops without lasting 10 times.

1. Use the allen wrench to spin out the 4 fixing screws and remove the cover.

2. Take out the battery set and put on the spare battery set, pay attention to the anode '+' and cathode '-' .

3. Close the cover and tighten the 4 screws. It's ready to use for another period.

Package include:

1* Bike Alarm Lock